Inspiring hope and healing in those who struggle with eating disorders and believe the lie that their bodies are unlovable.

Living Bread, Inc. strives to accomplish this mission through prevention and treatment of eating disorders.

At Living Bread, we understand individuals and families impacted by the devastating, life-threatening illness of an eating disorder often do not have the financial means to receive appropriate treatment. The financial burden of treatment can cause many individuals and families to give up hope and/or believe they will never receive the specialized care vital for their recovery. Often, agencies that offer counseling services to low-income families are not properly trained in the treatment of eating disorders. Families are either turned away to seek unaffordable options, or are given less than adequate treatment. Many children and adolescents suffering with eating disorders are in and out of the hospital, receiving care only as far as medical stabilization because there are no other viable outpatient or inpatient options. Living Bread believes everyone should have access to the treatment they need and understands that successful treatment of an eating disorder requires specialized training.  Our Licensed Professional Counselors and Registered Dieticians offer that specialization and are dedicated to providing quality affordable care to those in need.

Living Bread also understands that social isolation is another factor in the hopelessness experienced by individuals and the families of those with eating disorders. We want you to know you are not alone. Unfortunately, eating disorders carry a stigma with them due to a societal lack of knowledge and understanding. We strive to involve the greater community in supporting eating disorder prevention, care and recovery.

It is our goal is to assist you in meeting your recovery needs and those of your family.

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