Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

Online Eating Disorder Evaluation

Many people wonder whether or not they have an eating disorder, and whether or not their symptoms require professional help.

Could you or someone you know be at risk? To find out if you should seek further evaluation from a doctor, answer “yes” or “no” to the questions below, then hit the Results button.

1 Do you eat privately, afraid that someone will know just how much you eat? Yes No
2 Do you label foods as “good” and “bad?” Yes No
3 Do you severely limit your food intake? Yes No
4 Are you constantly thinking about food, weight, or body image? Yes No
5 Do you “graze”, having no planned meals but eating a large amount of food throughout the day? Yes No
6 Do you feel shame about being fat or obese? Yes No
7 Do you vomit after eating and/or use laxatives or diuretics to keep your weight down? Yes No
8 Do you count calories every time you eat or drink? Yes No
9 Does the number on your scale determine your mood and outlook for the day? Yes No
10 Do you eat as a way of nurturing yourself? Yes No
11 Do you exercise more than 45 minutes, five times a week with the goal of burning calories? Yes No
12 Have you tried many different ways to lose weight, such as fasting programs or weight loss programs, diet pills, prescription weight loss medications, laxatives, or diuretics? Yes No
13 Do you feel that you can never get enough to eat? Yes No
14 Do you eat when you are bored? Yes No
15 Do you feel a tremendous amount of guilt and fear about not being able to stop eating? Yes No
16 Do you “binge”, eating an excessive amount within a two-hour period? Yes No
17 If you see yourself as thin, do you still obsess about your stomach, hips, thighs, or buttocks being too big? Yes No
18 If you eat a “bad” or forbidden food do you berate yourself and compensate by skipping your next meal, purging, or adding extra exercise? Yes No
19 Do you eat for relief or comfort? Yes No
20 Is it difficult for you to eat in public? Yes No
21 Do you eat when you’re afraid? Yes No
22 Do you feel “out of control” when it comes to food? Yes No
23 Do you worry about what your last meal is doing to your body? Yes No
24 Do you feel you’re “not good enough”? Yes No
25 Do you have compulsive behaviors involving food and eating? Yes No
26 Do you chronically diet only to regain the weight after going “off” the diet? Yes No
27 Is it difficult to concentrate on the daily tasks of studying or work because of food and weight thoughts? Yes No
28 Do you plan the next meal while you’re eating the current one? Yes No
29 Do you eat when you’re lonely? Yes No
30 Do you eat when you’re stressed? Yes No
31 Do you weigh yourself several times a day? Yes No
32 Will you exercise to lose weight even if you are ill or injured? Yes No
33 When others tell you that you are too thin, do you still feel fat? Yes No
34 Do you experience guilt or shame about eating? Yes No
35 Do you eat when you’re sad? Yes No
36 Do you punish yourself with more exercise or restrictions if you don’t like the number on the scale? Yes No
37 Do your eating behaviors interfere with your daily functioning? Yes No