Prayer Ministry

Living Bread offers prayer appointments (free of charge) to anyone in the community impacted by the devastation of eating disorders: both the person who struggles with the eating disorder and the family and friends who desire their loved one’s recovery. Our prayer ministers are trained specifically in praying with those struggling with eating disorders. Prayer appointments are a beneficial addition to counseling, but are not in place of therapy with a licensed professional.


Living Bread’s mentorship program is an opportunity for women in the Church to assist other women who are isolated by eating disorders. Mentors are people who believe in the importance of relationships in which individuals compassionately support one another. The mentor’s role is to provide emotional support in the context of friendship, not counseling or accountability. Participants are encouraged to develop a natural friendship rather than thinking of mentoring as a step by step program.

Mentors and mentees participating in this program spend at least one hour each week together for a period of three months. The mentors and mentees decide together how to spend their time. Examples might include meeting at a coffee shop or walking in a park.